Slightly Freaking Out


I went to the groinocologist for my annual inspection and we discussed my having a endometrial ablation since as I approach the “change of life”, my system is going haywire.

“No problem”, says he while staring into my cervix.  First we have to get back the pap results, then get an ultrasound to clear me of fibroids and I can have the little operation. 

Pap fine, HPV fine.  About that ultrasound…my uterine lining is apparently “too thick”, so now I have to have it biopsied for cancer before he can do the ablation. 

Well, now really.

The chances of my having cancer are practically nil – there are many reasons why I could have a thick uterus (I am a pretty tough bitch, so it figures my organs would be thick).  But just the mere thought bothers me.  Half of my classmates have either had OR died from cancer.  One is going through it right now. 

So, I am mildly freaking out.  Kaiser, of course, hasn’t called me with an appointment yet, and I have no symptoms, no reason to believe I’m a walking time bomb, but damn…let’s just get this done so I know for sure.

I swear, the universe is trying to make me crazy.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, will ya?


capewood said…
Well, try and keep your sense of humor while you're waiting. There's not much otherwise you can do.
Why is nothing simple? Before we clear you of anything and everything we will make you wait forever in between umpteen tests so we can tell you you're fine. It's all a conspiracy. I'll just go ahead and tell you now..."You are fine!"
I always love it when they say "we won't call you unless there's a problem" and then they call and leave a message on Friday afternoon so you fret all weekend and when you call on Monday they say "we just called to say your pap was clear". Gee thanks assholes!
happileah said…
Argh...Sometimes they should keep their thoughts to themselves, especially when there's nothing you can do but worry.

Sending Healthy thoughts from NY..

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