Sofa arrived today!!

What do you think? (Excuse the mess and the dog butt…)

blue sofa 002


happileah said…
I want it! :)

But, it's perfect in your home, so it can stay. Really-I love it!
heidi said…
Love it!!! I'm painting a wall in my kitchen that color. Neat-o. Where's it from, again?!
Barbara said…
Heidi: I got it on ebay from a guy in Fort Bragg, CA.
Retro Keith said…
any funky smell issues?

I think it looks great! I don't think I would change a thing. It's very complimentary to your art work, too!
Liz Harrell said…
Um. Hello. Beyond jealous over here. That is one fantastic sofa!
Well, it's not as exciting as when the new phone book comes out, but until that happens, IT'S AWESOME!! No really, I love it and it looks great with the dog butt accessory. I am so over my furniture and yearn for the day I can find a sofa like that. You one lucky girlie!
Ms. Yingling said…
Oh, it's beautiful. I think my parents had the same couch in green poodle cloth shot with silver thread. Greatly enjoyed your blog.

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