Trust me, No One Will Notice. Really.


Meet Stewart.

The girls at the office just aren’t into him…he looks like their dad.

Stewart is determined to score big like Roger in Accounting, but that pesky gray hair is cramping his scene, man!

Thank God for Great Day, the predecessor to Grecian Formula 44.  Stewart just combs it in his hair every morning and over the course of four or five days, PRESTO…back to that swingin’ dark hair he had in his twenties.

Nobody’ll notice, not even when he removes his shirt and reveals his hairy gray chest.  Or the gray nose and ear hair.  Or that his skin now looks pallid next to his jet black tresses.

Go ahead Stewart.  The girls on the 12th floor need something new to gossip about. 


capewood said…
I at first thought that your text to the side of the ad was the copy from the ad. Until I got to the part about his removing his shirt. And his nose hairs.

Do they make a coloring product for nose hairs? Just asking.
Lidian said…
Poor Stewart. He looks so pleased with himself in the last photo!
The girls in the office aren't into him because he looks like Liberace. He changed his look to catch the attention of Randall the Guy With the Nice Butt Who Delivers The Mail!
Pam said…
What a great ad. Reminds me of the lawyer I temped for who wore a bad toupee...then came in one day suddenly without it and acted like no one would notice.
Beth said…
I like tresses that change color in the rain- like mood hair- very hip...
Wonder how he kept that black drip-line off his forehead?

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