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I’ve just spent the weekend running from store to store looking for bath oil for a birthday present.  Did you know that bath oil is incredibly hard to find?  Oh sure, there’s massage oil, dry oil and essential oil, but that plain ol’ bath oil…well, you can’t have it. Mom and I went to 15 different stores – seriously. You know where I found it? At Walmart.  While grocery shopping.

Anyway, my weekends are always jam-packed, and April is a horror story waiting to happen.  Here’s my schedule:

April 5 – Appear in court to be deemed “Guardian Ad Litem” for my brother in an attempt to get child support reduced and him divorced from a woman he hasn’t lived with in 30 years.  The lawyer has drug this out for six months and will be wearing my shoe prints on his ass after the 5th. 

April 9 – dinner with a friend.  April 10 – take mom to get her hair done (mine too, so I can’t complain).

April 11 – our monthly visit to the antique show under the freeway.

April 12 – 14 – travel to Napa for work.

April 15 – DMV to get my eyes tested, new picture and license renewed.

April 17 – 20 – Taking mom to Las Vegas and Boulder City (where she grew up).  Not being morbid, but she will be 83 this year and wants to travel “one more time”, and I can’t rightly deny her.   

April 24-25 – Travel with mom to Petaluma to attend their annual antique show, which we’ve both read about, but never attended.

Sounds simple, huh?  Add in the 8 hour work days in between, the extended shopping mom and I have been doing to “prepare” for Vegas (I’m no longer in need of undies; I knew you’d want to know), getting someone to watch the dog in the fashion she is used to, finding someone to watch my brother in the fashion HE is used to…well, let’s just say by the end of April, I will be screaming UNCLE at the top of my lungs.

So forgive me if the posts go willy-nilly in April. 

I’ll be in my room in the straight jacket.


Damn, I'm tired just reading that list. Home you take a little time for yourself in there somewhere.
Lidian said…
I'm exhausted just thinking about all that...You deserve a nice long break, Barbara - at a luxury spa, ideally!
Put some soft comfy pj's under your straight jacket to prevent chafing!

I'm jealous of your planned travels!
Clueless said…
OH, my...reading your list makes me tired...but, it sounds like fun!! Don't get too crazy!!
Barbara, I am amazed you have time to write, although I have a feeling that's what keeps you out the straight jacket. Keep up the good work we are rooting for you. YOU DO NOT HAVE A EASY JOB!!!!!!!!!
happileah said…
Our April is busy, too. We'll be getting to Vegas when you're leaving...DARN! That would have been fun :)

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