When Being 25 and Unmarried = Old Maid

old maid

She has her own job, and a glamorous one at that (back then).

She’s worked for three years, but has failed on one specific point:

She hasn’t yet bagged a husband.

The other stews manage it in 21 months, leaving a charmed life for laundry and kids.

She can serve cocktails and dinner for 35, smile like she means it, and yet keeps her composure in an emergency. What’s not to like?

Here’s to you, single stewardess!  Those crotchety old men don’t know what they’re missing!


happileah said…
Just when I start to long for simpler, mid century times;You remind me why it's better to be living RIGHT NOW :)
Wonder if the airlines are hiring middle aged married women?
Bill Abendroth said…
You gotta be Efing kidding me.....This ad was brought to you by the same geniuses (read "morons") who in the early days of airline deregulation (when airlines were dropping like flies) introduced such innovations like stewardesses wearing PAPER outfits (I'm not making that up).

Ah, the seventies...Those were the days, my friend. Good god, I thought they'd never end.

And one of your tags is "obviously a slut"? Gee Barbara, why don't you say what you REALLY think? Keep holding it in like that, and you're going to have a heart attack some day......
Barbara said…
Bill - "obviously a slut" was a reference to the poor woman not being married, so obviously, she's enjoying the perks of the job before picking that husband!
laura linger said…
Ads like this one are the reason I so love vintage things.

I wonder if United had a policy at the time that their stewardesses could not be married, or if it was just the norm that a girl would quit after walking down the aisle (and more often than not, with a pilot!).

And yes, she obviously puts out ;-)

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