Byte Me

two bytes

This is every IT guys wet dream.  However, it was real for Greg.

Just the thought of that 16bit micro-processor made the girls beat at his door. That corduroy jacket didn’t last long, what with the neighbor women pulling at it all the time.  I mean, really, check out the features – a 4800 baud cassette, 65K bytes of memory and a 64 color video board “option”.  That thing was smokin’!  

If you want girls breathing down your neck, visit the Technico booth coming soon to the 1978 Philadelphia Per Comp Show!  Soon you’ll have women standing in cue to shop online with your hot new computer!!

Void where prohibited.


How does Mike have time to spend with all these women? It takes 45 minutes to turn on! I guess the girls are just foreplay!
Anonymous said…
Wow, imagine if he'd had a MAC!

Lidian said…
I remember glasses like Mike's! I may even have worn glasses like Mike's (but otherwise the similarities END!)

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