Climbing the Wall for Pants

Meet Sue.

Way b1970-playboy-justpants-adcensoredack when, this was considered a great job.  True, really!  Kind of like being a Playboy Bunny.

An all girl staff for an all male clientele.  You know they were all gentlemen while getting their inseam measured.  And in the summer, the girls could wear their mesh shirts, just like in the picture.  Men never noticed!  A happy place, honest!

It was a no-hurry, relaxed kind of store, where your neighborhood “girl next door” helped the local boy wonder.  It was swell.

I wonder why the concept died out.  Hmmm.


Wonder if she uses her fingers to point the gentlemen in the right direction. (If I was using my boobs to point, they would all be looking at the floor!)
Lidian said…
Just Pants...and a whole lotta Double Entendres. Barbara, where do you find all these gems? I am in awe! And I adore your commentary :)

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