Darn Clever! The Fly Won’t Tear!!


Maximillian is impressed with Jim’s shorts.

Those clever Americans!  They make boxers – and you can’t tear the bloody fly!

I guess people who purchase boxers outside of American can only get the “tear-able fly” model, or the boxers are made of paper…I’m not sure.  Can you rip the ass?  They appear to button, no elastic for Jim, no sir!  Buttons remind him to stay in his own yard!!  And the starch reminds him to stand up straight!

I can’t tell if those are trees or smokestacks outside the window, and I’m sure the sign on the wall says “I say old man, don’t forget to wash your hands”,  but I can’t help but wonder why Maximillian is going through Jim’s shorts to begin with, and why Jim seems so damned proud that he is!  I see a towel snapping in someone’s future.


Anonymous said…
Where do you find these gems?!! They are hilarious! Now I'm wondering if torn flies are normally a problem for most men. And how do they get torn? Oh, don't go there, the mental image hurts the back of my eyes.

Ladies! Get your minds out of the gutter. Jim is just proud of his ripless No-Tares. He loves wearing his No-Tares to the No-Tell Motel.
Lidian said…
Barbara, I am laughing hysterically (trying not to look like a loon sitting here in the living room)...I never knew men worried about this sort of thing.

And Midcenturymadam, I really want to see a postcard from the No-Tell Motel (or perhaps not)...

Captcha word is kincet: I kincet all day in my shorts and the fly won't tear, by golly!
Babs, I can't even BEGIN to tell you what I'm thinking looking at this advert. I'll just leave it alone and continue laughing at what YOU wrote. You are priceless!!!
Pam said…
Wow, one that Salvatore Romano whipped up or would have been extremely proud of!

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