The Disgusting Chicken Easter Cake

easter cake


May you have a Happy Easter with no cakes that look like this.


laura linger said…
"Partial birth cake"

The funniest thing I have read in AGES. You and I are destined to be good friends. I can just tell.
That is truly creepy! You find the most fascinating stuff! Will you be serving this cake for Easter?
It kind of looks like what you'd expect from a C movie named "The Chick that Ate New York", and the plot would consist of this huge dumb but cheerful chick who was looking for his mother and getting royally pissed off 'cause he can't find her!
That looks like way too much coconut for one cake. Happy Easter to you too.
Mimi said…
That cake is horrific. Love your post labels... They are always CLASSIC! Have a great holiday!
Lidian said…
That really does look horrific. I love "partial birth cake" - an inspired tag!
ReaderRita said…
BWWWHAHAHAHAHAHA- this is hilarious, and I love your tags for it! You would certainly appreciate this, if you haven't seen it already:
It is so horrifying that it's funny.
I also highly recommend:
but you probably know about that already...
I am SO VERY HAPPY that I found your blog!
Well, I think it looks just yummy. Of course here it is nearly 9:30 a.m., I'm still in my PJs and haven't had breakfast so even Miz Chicken's dead bunny sounds almost appetizing . . . My sister used to make cakes like these when she was drunk--we thought it was the alcohol but now we know she actually did it from a freaking RECIPE!
Pam said…
"Chicken Abortion" - those were my first thoughts exactly!

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