Doesn’t Look Like They Need Women To Me…


Meet Greg, Paul and poor Ingrid.

Indoors, women are useful, but on a mountain, they’re a drag…or more aptly from the picture, they are clinging for their lives.

All this so someone can admire these men’s sweaters.  Never mind the pants – I guess knickers were considered climbing gear back in the day…the day where men were more concerned that their buddy liked their sweater than a woman. 

I’m concerned.  Does this mean that men with these sweaters weren’t interested in attracting women?  Was that really the motive that Greg and Paul had – to admire each other and sacrifice Ingrid to the mountain god?  Doesn’t a shaker stitch scream “gay”?  I’m just not sure, but I am disturbed.

Went for the biopsy today, and all I can say is – damn, that hurt!.


Lordy. I know I lived through those times, but it's just amazing looking back, isn't it?

Re: the are a poor baby! Feel better soon.
Yes they do indeed hurt. How soon do the results come back? I hope it happens quickly. It's the pits waiting. Feels a little like being Ingrid with the Doc and lab technician holding the life line.
Lidian said…
Oh, poor Ingrid!

And I hope you are all better soon. Oy.
Anonymous said…
What I think is they knitted those sweaters themselves.
That woman is trying to get away from them because their taste in clothing is so frightening!
Tell Brother Dear it is his turn to look after you today!

I don't know that the sweater screams GAY, but the knickers surely do!

Happy Weekend!

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