A Guy, A Gal and a Car


At first she feared Roger loved his car more than she, but instead, it brought them closer.

She learned how to synchromesh, he let her pick the 8 tracks. And clean the car.

But it’s all good, because Roger now speaks of marriage.

Dodge springs eternal.  Nice shirt Roger.

Off to Vegas with my mother…pray for me.  See you next week!


Mimi said…
Small penis indeed. As always--the labels are a riot. Have fun in Vegas baby!
Rog really found himself a babe...and a woman to wash the babe! What luck. Be safe in Vegas. Wonder if you'll be there at the same time as Leah (Storybook Ranch). She is going sometime this week I think.
Sara In AZ said…
Ooooh, Good luck in Vegas!
Breezy said…
Love your posts..
travel safe :)
Wonder if he allowed them to stay in the car for sex? Looks like he made her get out and have puddin in front of the car!

Have fun in Vegas! Win big!
cathycan said…
Remember, what happens in Vegas...

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