I’m baaaaack!

But I am whooped.  Enjoy a picture of mom, me and a celebrity in Vegas.  Regular posting to come. 

coke bear2

No, mom isn’t stoned. 

Believe me, I tried.


Retro Keith said…
finally! post some ads!!!!
Barbara said…
Jeez Keith, I literally landed two hours ago! I need rest!!
Anonymous said…
Love the picture! I'm assuming that since you couldn't get mom stoned you took care of yourself instead! (I'm NOT saying you look stoned, mind you, just that it seemed like a good idea!)

heidi said…
love the pic. your mom is making me laaaaauuuuugggghhhh!
Your mom is not the one who looks stoned. I'm just saying, Miss Stoner.
Your mom looks like she is asking the photographer, "What bear?"

Glad you're home safe!
Breezy said…
Glad you are back safe and sound!
Lidian said…
What a great picture! And welcome back :)
Had I known there was a Coca Cola bear in Las Vegas I sure would've taken Mom there--seeing it might have totally snapped her out of the Alzheimers as she was a lifelong Coke addict (CAPITAL "C" Coke, ahem). I think our Moms would've loved each other for some reason. Great pic!!!
donnam said…
Glad you're back. I hope you had a wonderful time!
It's just not funny when your Mom can roll a doobie, is it!

Great picture.

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