It Only Itches When I Sing


Chafing? Rash? Groin troubles?  You don’t have to be a jock to itch.  You can be an androgynous boy singer in an embroidered jacket too.  God knows, when you get on stage, your crotch can break out in a sweat.

Groin “irritations” can be murder on a guy.   Kind of like gonorrhea, but without the discharge, or crabs.  Those toilet seats are deadly!

So powder up boys, relief is just a spray away.


heidi said…
I've got to say, lady, that I like your labels for this post as much as the post: weepy rash, crotch rot? That's best left to the fellas.
Beth said…
I believe this fella got his jack itch from a tractor...or that groupy.
Lidian said…
This does not make me want to hang around and listen to this guy sing or anything. Eww.

And that yellow jacket!
In this day of Vagisil and happy tampon commercials, it's nice to know that at one time, men too could have their problems advertised in public causing them humiliation and shame.

I say: "Where's the jock itch ads today! I KNOW the problem hasn't been beaten yet!!!"

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