Thursday, April 15, 2010

It Sho’ Is Quiet!

mandyWell thank goodness!

Mandy the maid was going to leave on account of she couldn’t sleep at night because of the noisy fridge (what, they make her sleep next to it?) and when she makes ice cream, it stops entirely!

This sends the Peterson’s running to the appliance store to get a gas refrigerator so Mandy will be happy, and darned if she isn’t.  “Lordy, sho’ is quiet!” she exclaims, unpacks and gets back to work.

Thank god they had money in savings and didn’t actually have to do any work themselves…


Mick said...

OH good old fashioned racisim! How you make me smile : )

Beth said...

Once again your labels are making me crack up. Icing on the cake

Vintage Christine said...

Mandy would be beating me upside the haid wid a poke chop if she could hear MY noisy ass refrigerator! Thank GOODNESS I don't have a bitchy high maintenance black maid like back in dem good ole days!

Lidian said...

Wow, so un-PC.

As always I love your tags - they are quite brilliant!

Breezy said...

Hilarious!! I needed a good laugh today

capewood said...

A gas refrigerator! Servel is still in business and is still making these. Check out They run on propane. It looks like something that would appeal to a survivalist. A survivalist with a maid.

Bill Abendroth said...

If the maid's biggest gripe was a noisey refrig, that must be one of the easiest jobs on the planet. If "Maddy" saw my house, she'd unpack a blackjack and beat me senseless......

Of course, thinking on the beating, "Maddy" suddenly is wearing a little plaid skirt, thigh thighs, a parochial school girl blouse, and titters around on four inch heels with using a riding crop.....But we digress.

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