Jimmy, Do You Like Gladiator Movies?

COMICAD kraft marshmallows and twa


Here’s Captain Oveur and Jimmy, just two “men” on an airplane ride.

They don’t have contests like this anymore – name the plane and win five days in NYC, five days in L.A. (of course, mom and dad have to come along) AND $5000.  All thanks to Jet Puffed Marshmallows.  They’re puffed by Jets!

Just don’t leave Jimmy alone in the cockpit with Captain Oveur, okay?


cathycan said…
Just found your blog! I'd have to click "go back one page" a hundred times to tell you how I got here! you know how that happens...
Was that Nick Nolte in the middle of the "Smoldering Studly Menfolk"?!
I'll bet this ad is where they got the idea for Capt. Oveur, don't you think? Babs, your labels for this one are CRACK ME UP AND MAKE ME WET MY PANTS funny!!!! Can you imagine any of the airlines doing stuff like this these days?
Breezy said…
I just found your blog.. very funny!
I used to live in Northern Calif, and my Dad had Alzheimers. Bless you!
Now they have contests to see if you can get your name off a no fly list.

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