Slaughtering the Dance Floor Hog

dancehall hog

Jack had a problem with the local dance hall.  There was a bruiser of a bully that kept bumping he and his girl while they waltzed.

Helen was tired of her pimply, geeky guy not being able to defend her should she decide to dance on the bar. Jack needed Dynamic Tension right away!  Thank God for Charles Atlas and a spare 15 minutes a day. 

Now Jack is a He-Man, packed with red-blooded vitality, capable of starting fights all on his own.  Now he’s the “Hit of the Party” (get it?), and Helen can’t wait to get him home to show her appreciation, because Jack is wonderful.


Fifteen minutes a day and a handful of steroids can really work magic!
Why is he wearing my grandma's underwear?
Unknown said…
HA! I used to read these ads in my comic books as a kid and almost shelled out my hard earned allowance on several occasions for his program. LOL!

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