Smoldering Studly Men Folk

stud nolte

Meet Stu, Tommy and Harv.

They hang out at an old barn next to the Sit ‘N Drink Drive In.  They’ve always been posers, but now that their new h.i.s. pants and shirts arrived, posing with Smoldering Studliness  has taken over.

Stu prefers his embroidered western shirt and crap colored pants, Check out the bull belt buckle and that deep cowboy stare.

Tommy has gone Beach Boy on us with his white surfer dude pants, patterned California shirt and smoky over-the-eye bleached blonde hair.

Harv has gone full Smoldering Dude with the Asian inspired shirt, denim jacket and pocket front pants.  No way he’ll be caught without his wallet again, now that it sits on his thigh.  And he’ll kick your ass if you try to take it from him; just try it.

They’re off now to go grab a steer and take it to the beach, where they will Cowboy Up on some surfer girls and teach them some ropin’ tricks…if you know what I mean.

Bragging points if you can identify the sultry blonde in the middle.


I'm at a lost for the dude in the middle. Hmmm, three guys in tight jeans hanging out together with no women in sight? I think they are waiting for the cameraman to go away so they can play Brokeback!
Would that summer blonde be Nick Nolte?
Barbara said…
DING DING DING!! We have a winner!!
Oh the benefits of being a mature woman....a headful of useless facts! Great post by the way. It really had my husband and I cracking up.
Anonymous said…
Marboro Man has nothin' on these wranglers. They look like they could whup up on that old wheezer and make him beg for a pair of their studly high waisted cargo jeans. You know, the kind that only a man in tighty whities could pull off. If you know what I mean...

Thanks for a great laugh!!! I loved it!

heidi said…
I think their sultry stares are their best accessories. I also am pretty sure I'd like the picture better if they'd turn around. Just saying...
Lidian said…
But alas they can't move because those pants are too tight (just like in the Bee Gees video for 'Stayin' Alive' in which I SWEAR, they are really singing 'ah ah ah ah pants are too tight, pants are too tight')
I do believe that blonde Nick Nolte! And these ads bring back such memories. I was at an age where I dreamed of meeting studs like this but they would never look twice at a little geek like me. Ahhhh! I was left to sit and drool over the magazine.
I'm sort of in love with all three of them, which means they are undoubtedly gay because I ALWAYS fall in love with gay men. Well, except for my husband but of course you never really know about anyone do you and who knows where he really goes when he SAYS he's going to the local redneck bar when he could actually go to New Orleans that's only an hour away and and and. OK, I've totally lost it. Anyone gotta nerve pill out there? Babs, you are tooooo clever!

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