Tiparillo and the All Girl Orchestra


I know of a girl, Gwen, who plays in an all girl orchestra.

She’s always been hit on by men after a concert and she can’t figure out why.

Offerings from rich guys include stocks, bonds, homes…but she held out for the guy who dared to offer her a Tiparillo. 

Gwen was convinced he was a connoisseur of music, but it turned out all he wanted was sex, sex, sex.  She never could figure out why he thought she was nothing but a sex machine. 

She never gets to practice the violin any more.


It's a good thing she didn't play the trombone! The girls might have gotten caught up in the slide mechanism! OUCH!
Retro Keith said…
I guess thats how she gets guys to offer her cigs.
cathycan said…
"Cigars, Cigarettes, Tiparillos?" I remember that ad from my black and white TV childhood! Sexy tobacco girl in nightclub, carrying one of those little table, strap around your neck thingies."Cigars, Cigarettes, Tiparillos?"
I can hear him now: "Darling! Here, have a Tiparillo; and then come play on the strings of their heart" -- or somewhere else!

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