Damn Those Emotions!!


Tommy’s pounding on stuff, you scorched a shirt, Susie “helps” in the kitchen…it’s enough to make you scream!

Never fear!  Ponds replaces those oils you sweated out while slaving over the iron, the stove, the kids, the PTA, the garden, the dog, the car pool, the hamster, those shitty little neighbor kids and their slut of of mother…wait, I digress.

You must use Ponds immediately, as you can’t be too busy to be beautiful.  Besides, the hubby wants to play vampire tonight, and YOU MUST BE BEAUTIFUL.  Oh, and could you do something about those eyebrows while you’re at it?  Thanks.

Hey, Midwest Habitat gave me an award…sweet!



Chicken Boys said…
Ummm....I think a bit too young for this blog! I'll only be 34 this year! :D
Only you could dig up a cold cream ad and stick the words "premature ejaculation" in your labels and make me think Hmmm, you know, I seem to remember the words 'cold cream' and 'premature ejaculation' being used by a friend's mother. Actually, the words were screamed in horror as I recall. Ahhh, the memories of youth.
I think I would let my eyebrows grow together and the oil drip from my chin if that creepy man was behind me.
capewood said…
Wouldn't Valium work better?

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