Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Fun Time!

Anna from Chickens in the Basement added me to her list of recipients of “cool stuff”.  A box arrived today and totally changed my mood from “grr” to “yippee!”

Here’s some of the cool stuff:  old fashioned cards and cutouts (doggie is my favorite).  Inside the invitation the party is dated for 2/17/1939!  That medallion is a “travelers medallion” – kind of like a St. Christopher’s medal for the girl on the go.  And moth wings!!

more stuff 001Next is: Cool bottle of buttons, a kitty ring, a plastic gun and an ancient bottle of water purifying tablets.

more stuff 002Then… more really cool buttons, hearts on a stick (I’m assuming millinery here), and a hem measurer.  I will make use of these.

more stuff 003and….more stuff 004CANDY. 

…with three bags of gourd seeds (uh, I may kill these before they bloom…I’m a lousy gardener).





And lastly, modeled on Trixie, who is cuter than I am:

A hat (ttrixie hathe name of this particular kind escapes me, but it’s gorgeous!!)

I’m doing my happy dance – the box is completely considered a pre-birthday week surprise (Anna didn’t even know!).

I thank you from the bottom of my bottom!!!


Chickens in the Basement said...

Glad you like it! It's always fun sending folks crap from the basement!

Barbara said...

It's not crap!! I was kinda hoping that Melvin was in the box!!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Swag is always good.

Vintage Christine said...

Anna is a really great gal who has some kind of weird radar that knows just when to send some happiness to a person who can use it. I've also been the beneficiary of her largesse. You got a bunch of good stuff but I'm glad she didn't include Melvin (since my cat would've never forgiven her).

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