Happy Fun Time!

Anna from Chickens in the Basement added me to her list of recipients of “cool stuff”.  A box arrived today and totally changed my mood from “grr” to “yippee!”

Here’s some of the cool stuff:  old fashioned cards and cutouts (doggie is my favorite).  Inside the invitation the party is dated for 2/17/1939!  That medallion is a “travelers medallion” – kind of like a St. Christopher’s medal for the girl on the go.  And moth wings!!

more stuff 001Next is: Cool bottle of buttons, a kitty ring, a plastic gun and an ancient bottle of water purifying tablets.

more stuff 002Then… more really cool buttons, hearts on a stick (I’m assuming millinery here), and a hem measurer.  I will make use of these.

more stuff 003and….more stuff 004CANDY. 

…with three bags of gourd seeds (uh, I may kill these before they bloom…I’m a lousy gardener).





And lastly, modeled on Trixie, who is cuter than I am:

A hat (ttrixie hathe name of this particular kind escapes me, but it’s gorgeous!!)

I’m doing my happy dance – the box is completely considered a pre-birthday week surprise (Anna didn’t even know!).

I thank you from the bottom of my bottom!!!


Glad you like it! It's always fun sending folks crap from the basement!
Barbara said…
It's not crap!! I was kinda hoping that Melvin was in the box!!
Anna is a really great gal who has some kind of weird radar that knows just when to send some happiness to a person who can use it. I've also been the beneficiary of her largesse. You got a bunch of good stuff but I'm glad she didn't include Melvin (since my cat would've never forgiven her).

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