Problem Girls


Myrtle used to hang out at random playgrounds and parks.  She’d hide in the play barrels waiting for men in slacks.

Lee slacks.  They’re stripped down for action.  They go when you go.  And that loop-tabbed, left hip pocket…well, it drove her wild.

It was the classic slacks that made her writhe with joy.  Arms and legs would fly when she saw the perfect pair. She’d flop on her back the moment she saw them.

Women stopped taking their children and husbands to the park and complained to the Mayor.  Finally, Myrtle was captured and put in the sanatorium when the police staged a sting operation by placing a manikin dressed in plain Lee slacks and a red Commander shirt in the Whirly Tube.

She’s living peacefully now with the manikin and hefty doses of Placydil.  She’s quite happy.


Dude in the tapered leg pants...remember to take your shoes off before attempting to remove your pants. Otherwise, you'll look like your caught in the twirling barrel!
You just KEEP making me laugh. I love it.
I gave you a blog award this morning. Come and claim it if you like. Either way, keep up the funny work.
I worked in advertising and this definitely looks like an ad that was created after a night of heavy drinking. Sort of the "I have the hangover from hell and just don't give a s**t about writing copy" mindset. Thank goodness for you, girlfriend, who finds humor just about everywhere!
capewood said…
Put some Mennen on that guy and he'd be completely irresistible.
heidi said…
that's it. i'm putting my husband in slacks the next time we hit the park with the kids. and then watching life unfold...

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