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dry scalp

Poor old Deke.

He enjoyed skating and generally having a good time but people were always on him about his hair.

His girlfriend Trina, who always wore her hair in tight tubes, was embarrassed that his hair flew everywhere.  She couldn’t decide whether to blow him off (don’t go there) or warn him of dull, lifeless hair??

Well, it was all too much, so she left a bottle of Vaseline Hair Tonic near his skates and ran home.  Soon after, Deke found the bottle and a note saying “Dry scalped men shall not taste these lips”.  He got the message.  Now his hair looks “natural”, (if you’re a 1960 Ken Doll), and he can skate or drive a convertible with no danger of a hair moving at all.

Now engaged, Trina can look forward to getting grease stains out of pillowcases, chair backs and sofa arms. 

All is well.


How did you know I was going to go there? You know me too well.
I have always been a non-conformist. I find the before pictures HOT! Kick Trina to the curb and lets skate away with our hair flying in the breeze! However, since this ad seems to be about 60 years old, I'm not sure I want an 80 year old man on ice skates!
Dry scalped? Was that before the Indians started using bear grease to soften up the soldiers' heads? You and Madam have dirty minds unlike me and Miz Chickie-poo. HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Chicken Boys said…
I didn't go there until you told me not to.
capewood said…
He fixed his hair and now he looks like Dick Clark.

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