She Didn’t Stink

baby powder

I was just playing my guitar down at the Run and Tell Drive In when I saw her.

She came on softly. 

I’m not sure what “came on” means, but she did it softly. 

She looked silky, although “silky” really isn’t a descriptive word for a woman. 

And she smelled like a baby, which in itself could be a problem, because babies can smell really crappy and like sour milk, but she smelled like the good, clean babies.  Somehow, the thought of that being a turn-on doesn’t make me look really good…but um, anyway, I played my guitar and she was there softly. 

Really, that’s all there was to it officer.  Can I make a phone call?

Forgive the skipped day.  Between mom, Clynt, surgery and a migraine, life got in the way.


bbes tribe said…
We agree ...Life does have a way of getting in the way sometimes.Hope tomorrow goes better for you.
Ernie,Sasha,Chica & their Mom
laura linger said…
"We made love in a Chevy Van..."

You know their relationship was all about Nature, Loving Mother Nature, Taking Cliched Photographs Of Mother Nature, Being Naked In Mother Nature, and Listening To Him Play Crappy James Taylor Covers Around The Campfire During Forays Into Mother Nature. Very 1974.

They broke up when he joined The People's Temple and moved to Guyana.
I used to work in the advertising field and was constantly amazed at the stupid things that supposedly smart people came up with to promote products. I'm sorry but I just don't see the connection between a guy, a guitar and Johnson's Baby Powder. Maybe I'm just having a crabby day. And I hope you're feeling better, my friend.
Hope you are doing okay. Why does the boy in the picture make me think about Donny Osmond! Back in the day, I would have smelled like a baby (in any formed he liked) just to have Donny sing to me. This was before I discovered BAD BOYS! I can't believe I'm confessing that to you!
fromsophiesview said…
Foregivness is part of my re'paw'toire.....;-))

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