When Gas Attacks


A new discovery for the girl who has every-thing!

Designed so you can continue to write your blog while under attack, this mask protects you against that pesky gas without losing a moment with your readers! 

“Pull my finger” attacks are futile with this in your arsenal.  You can use it in bed to guard against sneak attacks by the husband…or while changing Junior’s diaper.  Neighbor fertilizing the yard with manure?  Not a problem with our mask.  Have a dead body to dispose of?  Now you can wait until the optimum moment to toss that decomposing jerk!Never fear riding a subway with a urine covered drunk again! 

This mask stores neatly in a purse, tote bag or backpack.  Order today, quantities are limited!

Not for use during bank visits, gynecological appointments or bathing.  If you develop a rash, see your doctor.


You are one funny blogster....fear farts no more??? Thanks for the laughs. I really enjoyed this one. Sneak attacks by the husband, I know that one well, never mind my sneak attacks. You don't want to pull my finger!
If somebody drops the bomb while I'm typing away, I guaran-damn-tee you I won't be donning the mask to stay around and finish off that last letter for the boss. He can just pull my middle finger as I head out the door!
Pat Harris said…
I'm single but have the dreaded doggie sneak attacks. I need one of these as doggie attacks are good for a few extra feet. The smaller the dog the worse the attack. lol.
capewood said…
I guess that during a war, the paper work has to get done, even during those pesky gas attacks.
Ohhhh! As someone who makes her living by (mostly) typing, this is a MUST! Now when the boss says, "Don't go in there for a while!", I needn't be afraid.

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