Bud – For When You Want To Be Comatose


I swear I thought this was an ad for AA or suicide prevention.

A woman imagining a quintet with her head on an album inches from a speaker.  While contemplating a beer being poured by a ghost, she lays face down on the floor, but manages to smoke a cigarette.

This is a hard core woman.  Of course, she’s wearing a ring, so we’re to imagine it’s just a happy night at home with the hubby, but damn, I see red flags all over.  And I want a beer.



Ahh the smoking, soon to be drunk sex kitten. meeeeOW! lol...

It says "cheap date" all over it.
Beth said…
And who the hell is pouring her another one???
Chicken Boys said…
I'm reading this at 9 a.m. at work. A beer is the last thing on my mind. Maybe after noon, if I can leave work and go fishing...that would be great.
fromsophiesview said…
Psycho '50's lady...ruff ruff!
Looks like she's had 1 to many "Mommy's Little Helpers."
cathycan said…
Forget the "wedding ring", I think the "roofy" is kicking in.
Rebecca said…
What is the quote? "You are not drunk enough if you can lie on the floor without holding on." Dean Martin... I think she's there. Looks like an ad for why I don't drink anymore.
Perhaps she's so mellow because she's actually smoking a wacky cigarette? I love the old beer ads!

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