Behold the Planter!!

giveaway2 001

Enter today to win these three planters!

The first planter is unmarked and 10” long. The second is marked

Haeger, and is 5” long.  The third is 5.5” in circumference and is marked Hager on the bottom.  Real? Fakes?  I don’t know, I just know they’re cute!

Here’s how to enter:

1.  You must be a follower to enter.

2.  Become a follower and leave a comment – 1 entry

3.  You’re already a follower and leave a comment – 2 entries

4.  Blog about it and leave link in a comment – 1 extra entry

5.  Tweet about it and leave link in comment – 1 extra entry

(People who became followers from the time I announced the giveaway until I posted today will get their extra entry when they leave a comment, otherwise you just get one.)

Giveaway ends Monday at midnight, winner announced on Tuesday.  Good luck!


svelteSTUFF said…
All three pieces are HAEGER, so you Know I'm all over this give-away!! I'm a long time follower, so I guess that I don't get a bonus entry for following?! 8-(
svelteSTUFF said…
...I'm also 'blonde', and just re-read your entry, and realized that that I do get a bonus for already being a follower... don't mind me!!! ~sorry!~
Golden Samantha said…
Just followed you - finally, yay! Love those planters - I'm a baby boomer and NEVER win those Triv. Pursuit thingies! What's up with that? But I might be visiting family in NY/CT in a couple of months and would love tix to a great Bdway play - know any concierces heheh!
Hugs xooxxo
Sammie and Mom
Sudha said…
here is the announcement on my blog

and tweet - done!!
Me me me me me! You know I'm your biggest fan (as in, I love you more than anyone, not as in, I'm your physically biggest fan although I probably am come to think about it. Sad). Anyhoo--Sue can't have those Haeger planters because she has too many already. I, on the other hand, will NEVER have enough planters and they would be a fine addition to the VintageChristine Planter Collection, Haeger Division.
Oh! Me! I love vintage planters! Great blog!
I love this color; my kitchen has several pieces this color. SO, this giveaway MUST be mine! Right?

Welllll, enter me anyway please.
Retro Keith said…
those planters come in VERY handy around the house... not just for planting. I also use them to hold kitchen scrub brushes next to the sink. i love those things!
{B} said…
I linked the hell out of this :) I agree, those planters are lovely.
Anonymous said…
oh sooooo gorgeous.. I'm so happy I found you via Sudhas blog..
Anonymous said…
Hi Barbara,
All 3 planters are cute. But I think I would use that last one for a fruit bowl.(small fruit?) Too cute!
I am a follower now. I will also tweet your giveaway under gafarmwoman.

Have a great weekend.
Dolores said…
Hi Barbara.... I was a happy 'winner of the prize' last time, so it wouldn't be fair to enter again. Just wanted to say 'hi'... and thank you for your sweet comments on my blog.
happileah said…
How did I miss this? Those planters would look fab in my living room :) Thanks for the giveaway!
Me! I'm already a follower, and I will add a note to my latest post about this!!

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