The Magical Fruit!!


Nothing makes a party like beans.

Yep, beans are the answer.  Lots of beans.  More beans than meat, more beans than vegetables, just more beans!

Make sure too, that the backyard is gaily decorated, as no one will want to linger indoors.  You might want to keep George away from the grill too…you know how fires can start once beans enter the picture.  But then again, George has always been the life of the party, why stop now?

Make sure that you have two people at your party overly dressed for the occasion, because once the beans are eaten, they’ll be the ones most fun to laugh at.  Yes, the conversations will soon turn distasteful once the guests are full of beans and Jerry’s had a couple of Mai Tai’s.

Beans.  Great party food. And just wait until the girls hear what Cindy did!  Boy, was her face red!


Oh My Hell!And may I just add, I don't believe I have ever worn a cocktail dress to a bbq.
Hmmm, something to consider...
And the older we beans required. I'll say no more.
Ah yes, the wonders of the Old Lady escaping fart--always a fun moment in Walmart when suddenly: POOT! And then you look around frantically to see if anyone, you know, HEARD . . . Sadly, my bladder and my pooter factory are working overtime these days (yes, I realize this is TMI but oh well). One of my favorite all time scenes from a great movie: the campfire scene in Blazing Saddles. ;-0
This was hilarious. Thanks for the great laugh!
Sara In AZ said…
I just do not know about all those beans girl! :)
Dolores said…
I love this post!!! Our family has always thoughts farts were so entertaining ..... and they can be...

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