Maidenform Dreams


I think this one should read “I dreamed I was having an orgasm during a London fog in my Maidenform Bra”.

Honestly girls, have you ever had a bra this comfortable?  She looks positively orgasmic…or she’s having a hot flash.

Actually, yeah, it is more of a hot flash look – her top just whipped open during that cool London fog, and the relief was positively breathtaking. 

Or she’s just having a good time by herself.  Who knows?


Oh my! I do think you hit the nail on the.....
OMG! She could put someone's eye out with those things!!
This is one of the all-time great advertising campaigns and it is COMPLETELY assinine! Torpedo tits! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Hey, tell your brother I'll make him a motorcycle. POUF! He's a motorcycle!
Mimi said…
Are her boobs glowing?
Hahahaha... Spontaneous atomic orgasm!
{B} said…
totally nailed it. you make me giggle :)
fromsophiesview said…
My daddy wants you to know that the outfit is mighty spiffy, so slim and creative. What ever happened to them?
cathycan said…
Oh geez, I REMEMBER that ad!
I think she's flashing the passing ferries, the "ferries 'cross the Mersey"
If you know that one, you've also probably seen the Maidenform ads!

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