A New Family Member?

Sorry no post yesterday - brothers birthday party after work.

Look what I found in our busy street this morning....so far, no one claiming her.  A new family edition?
After dinner belly. Have you ever seen a belly this big on a puppy?  I may not be able to afford to feed her!!  She's always hungry!


fromsophiesview said…
It's meant to be! 'New Doggie' is relaxing and soaking up the rest needed from dealing with the streets. Keep, keep New Doggie!!!
I'm so glad you picked her up and brought her home! I so worry about pups out running around--She looks young, and very, very comfy and at home!! Let us know what happens!!
How Sam Sees It said…
I think she found you! She's a keeper all right!

Mimi said…
She's a keeper! What a sweet little pup!

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