Not Feeling The Funny


Surgery complications, overly tired, family, work and just general malaise has me not feeling funny.

See you tomorrow when I think I can be.


At least your smiling bitch photo is funny! Hope you're feeling better soon!
Miss Funny Crabby, Get some rest! We miss you when you are away. I always enjoy your blog, thanks a million for the funny crabs!!!!
laura linger said…
Dear Rich Doctor Nephew:

Come back to us when you think you can.


Mr. Funny Uncle

(please tell me you watch Futurama)
Dolores said…
Sorry...... hope you're feeling better soon!!!
Lidian said…
It came be good to take a break from the blogging thing, I know - and it's really hard to write funny when life is not great. Hope you are feeling better soon!

xxx Lidian
Anonymous said…
That's o.k. Everybody needs a break sometimes.
Hope tomorrow is better.


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