Sun showers. Not to be confused with other showers


Ah, it’s that time of year again…the time to strip and run naked through the fields wearing nothing but your favorite cologne.

Summer.  The sun, the fun, the bugs, the burn…but you can smell good while you test out your local nudist community. 

Be on the lookout for the local constable and watch out for poison ivy.  Enjoy your moment in the sun.

ad borrowed from


What's the matter? Run out of reds? No problem-o! Just inhale this perfume and soon you will be high as a kite, running through fields too. Forget where you left your panties? You won't care! Laaaa laaaaa laaaaa...

Unknown said…
Oh man, I totally love retro ads! The one below is pretty priceless too... This one gets filed under what were they thinking. Actually... they kinda all do :)

Pam said…
It sounds like a very 60s thing to do...taking a sun shower! And just in case you don't see my response to you on my blog about reusing ads, feel free to borrow away!
Retro Keith said…
i love these ads! thanks for the great advice! I am now going to slow it down!!!
cathycan said…
I wonder, did I ever wear that perfume...naked?

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