Testicles and Dynamite: A Good Combo?


“Explosive prints” and “blazing patterns”…underwear?

Honestly men, are “explosive” and “blazing” two words you associate with something you want from your underwear?  I think not.

I guess “real men” enjoy their hanging bits flaming and exploding, but the normal, average guy…not so much. 

Do these men look happy in this underwear?


There’s Tom Jones in plaid, Richard Roundtree in polka dots, Andy Gibb in stuffed Speedo's, Mark Spitz in floral, Lee Majors in paw prints and Louis Jordan wondering what the hell he’s doing there.

Okay, Andy Gibb looks happy, but we all know he drank.

So men, send me your order for some explosive, blazing underwear.  $5 to PO Box 9, Chicago, IL 60609 (remember that zip from game shows?  Oh, well…I do).  We’ll take care of your favorite twins immediately.

Void where prohibited.  May cause constipation.


Andy does look happy. Could it have anything to do with being surrounded by other boys in their underwear?
happileah said…
I love the ad AND the undies and the dudes. But,gosh I really,really love the tags for this post :)
I love your comment on Andy Gibb (God rest his soul!!!); it really cracked me up!
Where do you find this stuff? I can't believe any man would agree to posing in those under-wonders. And I wonder why I don't remember any of these ads. I must have been smoking the same thing they were.
fromsophiesview said…
Too funny...Daddy Ron just happens to remember this adv...oooo noo
Professor Chaos said…
Is that really an underwear ad or a promo for gay porn? Cause either way, that's a bad look.
My world has discontinued to spin.
I got my fancy red shoes online at Nordstrom, they are made by Me Too.
And just for the record, I have an appt. with my therapist on Monday to discuss this whole Andy Gibb thing;)
Beth said…
Are a few of these fellas wearing one pieces? Cause that would be HOT
They must've paid that black guy a WHOLE bunch of money to wear that stuff because no self-respecting brotha would've worn that UNDER his pimp suit. That kind of pattern is worn ON TOP, man. You nailed all the look-alikes, girlfriend. NAILED them!
heidi said…
I can't wait for the 4th of july. talk about freedom! ;)
Pam said…
That's hilarious. I love your headline!

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