Unisex – A Bad Idea?


Unisex clothing.  An interesting idea, but does anyone really want it?  Sure, girls wear jeans and pants now, but do you see men in mini dresses?  You do not.

So this ad begs the question, would your man wear white lace, see through pants?  Would you?  I probably would if I were twenty years younger and forty pounds thinner, but that’s beside the point.

Imagine grocery shopping with your man while he wears his see through lace pants.  Distracting, yes?  And is it appropriate to wear underwear with see through pants?  I mean, zippers are dangerous.  Where would you wear lace see through pants anyway?  I just can’t think of any situation that doesn’t involve heavy drugs and video cameras, but that’s just me.

So the question begs – would your husband/boyfriend/significant other wear them?  If so, can I please have pictures?  Thank you.


cathycan said…
"Big Steel" hehehe Isn't that a male porn star? hehe
A delivery boy comes to the door in his see-through lace pants...

Delivery Boy played by Big Steel
happileah said…
oddly enough, they actually look good on that dude :)
I need more close-ups to determine if he looks good or not. ;)
Mimi said…
It would be hard to hide a pair of Spanx under those.
Oh Honey! Have you ever checked out People of Walmart.com?
Stuff like this happens e v e r y d a y :(

P.S. this is fair warning, refrain from eating and use the bathroom prior to viewing.
Pam said…
Wow that's weird! Even by sixties standards, lacy white bell bottom pants is way too feminine for a straight guy!

I also just wanted to thank you personally for the kind comments on my blog. It does help to know other people are in the same boat.
Dolores said…
Hi Barbara, What a great day for me today; I received the box with all the wonderful surprises. It was so exciting to open the box and take out each of the items....... I'm going to split the chocolate with David in a bit..... YUM! The snack set will be used in the afternoon at 5, when we have our snack.
Thanks so much!!
Golden Samantha said…
Nahhhhh - couldn't wear that! But the dogs go nekkid effurywheres!!! Barbara - apologies for not having signed to follow you ages ago. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your following me and commenting so much - would love to do the Sacto thing, but believe it or not, Sammie, as a rescue, is really shy around other dogs! She adores her kong, and likes Sierra, Shanti and now, her lil sis, but is badly socialized. We're trying! But Avalon is totally dog friendly and loves to run up to peeps and other doggehs! She could teach any hooman or furry creature a lot!
Hugs xoxoxo from all of us here,
Wish I looked like that in a pair of lacey bells. I'd have to wear 10 inch heals to make my legs look that long.
fromsophiesview said…
Lace bells were not on Daddy's xmas list at all...he swears!! ;-)

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