Weekend Finds

After perusing the blogs I follow, I saw that loads of people scored big this weekend while out thrifting.  I thought I did too, until I saw someone’s $5.00 table, someone’s $6 lamp…

Regardless, I managed to find two things that I paid a little more than that for – but were deals nonetheless.

For instance:  My new vintage Lane coffee table, with dovetail accents.  If you’re curious, look it up on ebay.  Anywhere from $250 to $500 depending on the seller.  I got it for $75.

coffee table 002





I think it looks really nice with the rest of my furniture…(excuse the spilled dog treats…that’s Trixie’s favorite trick – upset the bowl).

coffee table 003

Then I found an Ikea dining set on craigslist – last year it was $259 new, this year “reduced price” of $179 new.  I got it for $99.  I’m using it on the patio…

patio 001

So even though I didn’t score anything for $5, I still feel like I got good deals.

What do you think?

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Beth said…
Great table - but I LOVE that couch. That is amazing!
I am loving the couch too, but wow what a table! That was a deal. I love your patio. Good score on the Ikea set. I love the little white chair to the left...and the lantern above the table...and the lawn that's actually green. Are you going to the MCM home tour in Sac?
happileah said…
Great table! Everything goes together great...I'm still drooling over that couch, too :)
Dolores said…
Looks to me like you found some good buys. I love your patio set..... !!!
{B} said…
That coffee table is lucious. I ran to the thrift store on lunch and didn't find much. A few old plates and a childs match game from the 60's. :)
fromsophiesview said…
TRIXIE caught my eye naturalment...the word 'treats' popped up and I just couldn't help myself.
NOT TO MENTION the deals and YOUR furniture I Love it.
Ally said…
i love the couch and the cocktail table is nice too but you scored an awesome ikea find!
Good deal on that killer Lane table. I envy your fabulous turquoise couch! Trixie is a cutie-pie :)

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