When Granny Panties Were Cool

granny panties

I can state for fact that every woman reading this ad wishes these underwear were still popular.

Oh sure, when you’re young and thin, thongs and bikinis are fun.  When you’re young, nothing bothers you, not even when your underwear try to kill you.

But as you reach your forties, you long for granny panties.  Sure, they aren’t much to look at, but like a pair of comfy shoes, so are granny’s.  Comfort is a wonderful thought.

Society has made granny’s unthinkable.  Try finding a cute pair.  You can’t.  And they store them in the “Just My Size” section and put stupid little designs on them.  They aren’t form-fitting either, just blousy.  So we don’t get them.

But we want them.  We really, really want them. 

Sorry men.


PS: thanks for all the kind wishes – I’m better now…and don’t think I didn’t give serious thought that I had worms!


happileah said…
worms? Did I miss something? Glad your feeling well!

And...what do you mean these aren't popular anymore? You can buy them in the maternity section :) oh..so...comfy!
I'm glad you're feeling better and I hope the pups are good too!!

I do have to admit that the older I get comfort wins out over fashion many times! :-)
Next year we all need to get together for lunch and a martini, (or diet coke) and talk about all the magnificent mcm. Gretchen wasn't home when I was there so we didn't get to meet. Wasn't that a fabulous tour? And please, if you ever find stylish granny panties, let me know. I am about to start wearing my husband's boxers. Why do they get all the comfortable undies?
Barbara said…
MCM, when you come Sacramento way again, contact me. We must get together.

As for the granny panties, if YOU see any...
OMH! If I had worms.....

And I don't care care if they put purple unicorns on them, grannies are worth the humiliation!
Just imagint the emergency room conversation that would go with this.

"Damn Hell, look at that womans underwear!"

Oh well, she died in comfort:)
Excuse me, when did my underpants become "granny panties"? After the thong experience (which was, granted, quite woo-woo in its own little way) I swore it was gonna be full-on undies forever. My mother and grandmother wore silk & nylon--I wear cotton. GO GRANNY GO GRANNY GO GRANNY GO! (and yes, this is waaaaaay too much TMI). I am so glad you're feeling better and that you don't have worms. You don't, right?
Barbara said…
Life in Red Shoes: That's my fear - the ER...

Vintage Christine: I haven't seen any worms coming out of me, so I guess that vaccination worked!! Woof!
Dolores said…
Granny panties..... I'm guilty...I love them!
Worms.... Yuck..... glad you didn't have them and your better.
fromsophiesview said…
oh no!...my daddies like these too...what does that mean...leave it to your imagination! lol
cabin + cub said…
teehee.. this post made me giggle.
hmmm.. i think i would have a hard time convincing the hubby that granny panties could look good though! ;)
Yes! I confess: I wear them too. (But only because I'm tired of unrolling ANY of the other kind of panties that don't hold up over my C-section scar -- and that extra bit of tummy that's there! But where are the pretty ones like in that ad? Why do they have to be so darned ugly? And why can't we have the pretty ones WITH a cotton gusset? (Isn't that a great word. You could walk around saying "My gusset itches, and no one would be the wiser, would they?")

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