A Day At The Fair

Another day in the exciting life of yours truly; attempting to entertain an 83 year-old woman and a nearly 60 year-old man with Alzheimer's.  The victims:

mom clynt fair


She looks thrilled, doesn’t she?

She was watching the people.

Clynt was watching me.




We saw the piggies.














And the baby goats. baby goat



We walked a long way, looking at Ginzu knives, Vita-Mixers and free spinal exam offers.

We wore ourselves out.

It was a good day.


Gosh I have not been to a Fair in over a decade!

It does look like fun... Yeah, yeah, I know lol...
Dolores said…
Oh Barbara.... I know it's so hard for you with your mother and brother with Alzheimer's. Good for you though..... taking them out to see something fun....

Your mother doesn't look 83, she looks more like 60 and your brother looks 83.......amazing!

Hugs to you dear friend!
cathycan said…
You're a saint! really! good person.
I miss the LACounty fair of my youth and sometimes would love to go back to the Mexican Village, the barn, the horticulture bldg, everything and eat some ginger bread beer nuts and lemonade
Leslie said…
Is this the state fair in Sacramento? Some parents from the FFA went and said it was cool.

I love the baby piggies! My son is currently raising a pig for our county fair in September. I comptemplating entering my Snoopy ornament collection. We shall see.
svelteSTUFF said…
You are a good woman Barbara.
Having gone thru that just with my mom (as you know) I'm sending you hugs and love because you are an incredible daughter and sister!!!! I don't know how you maintain your sanity but a healthy sense of humor like you have is a great escape valve. Caring for someone with Alz who's only 60 is a huge commitment, Barbara. You and my dad are enormous inspirations!!!!!
Golden Samantha said…
How awesome you were to have taken family to the Fair - until I read the other comments, I hadn't realized it was family - you ARE a saint to have taken them around - I'm sure they appreciated it lots on some level for stimulation... And it was a pretty hot day, too. You were/are a miracle!
Hugs xoxoxo
Sammie and Mom and crew
fromsophiesview said…
Oh Barbara...high 5 to you and if you want I'll put my chin on your lap and you can stroke my head while I stare at you...I just know how kind of a person you are. I relate totally to you and YES...humour is the saviour. Now I'm off to the beach and I'll be thinking of you as I leap through the waves.
Mom can't wait to go to our Durham Fair! She says that seeing the animals is the best part! We wouldn't know that because we're NEVER invited to go along!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
Hi Barbara
You give me warm fuzzies, when I read your stories. I can see your big heart!
Next time you go to the fair- please come and get me. I will entertain everyone! I loved the pink piggie pictures! And the cute baby goats, and I think your cute too.

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