For Those Who Hate Goo


Personally, I like goo, so this ad isn’t relevant for me.

Seriously – who likes goo?  Who SAYS goo? 

A cream oil that’s not sticky, greasy and somehow makes your hair look better….and isn’t like goo.

Bert (Hair-Appeal) Parks recommends it and we know he NEVER hawked something just for cash.  According to Bert, “A guy in the public eye has to look good, not goo-ed!”  Well, he’d know I guess.

Vitalis is made with vegetable oil, not petroleum so, says Bert, your hair isn’t greasy.  How is that?  Is there some kind of magic that keeps your hair clean as a whistle once you put vegetable oil on it? “No heavy film, no slick shine”.  How could it not if you have an oil slick on your head?  At least by not using petroleum, it’s harder to set Bert’s hair on fire.

It’s also homogenized for easy flow and has a handy shaker top.  No sticky hair or comb either!!  Just a shiny film all over the bathroom fixtures.  Careful taking that bath Junior!

Pillowcases, on the other hand, are the bane of Mrs. Parks existence.  Imagine that horror!  She’s taken to wrapping Bert’s head in that new Saran Wrap.  Works wonders!


laura linger said…
Yes, I would call myself decidedly PRO GOO.

"Careful taking that bath Junior!" Priceless.
I never understood why you would wash your hair and then add goooooo....

until I started using Moroccan oil in mine? They say it's a "dry"oil.
I love it!
Our dad uses that stuff when he lets his hAire get longer so he can comb it back! We think it smells funny!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
This post brings back memories!! My dad used Vitalis on his hair, and it did add a shine and sheen everything else to it--It was the first styling gel! :-))
Liz Harrell said…
This made me laugh. :)

And my sister uses at least four different hair products BEFORE blow drying. :)

We're linked! Thanks for the comment.
Dolores said…
Memories...memories...I can still smell Vitalis.

No goo for me, thank you very much!

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