Furniture So Great You Can’t Sit On It


Furniture for “lovers of the light”…lovers who love light furniture so much they refuse to use it.

Imagine, an ad for furniture with no one using it.  Like Grandma’s house – covered in plastic, saved for company.

Furniture you “know you can’t afford until you know”.  Huh?

Lane – The Love Chest People.  Their love chests…well, you can sit on that.  Just not the sofa, okay?


happileah said…
So, that's the key to getting your furniture to last? Just don't sit on it; seems so obvious!

I think my mother in law still has that end table...
Our gram always has sheets on her light-colored sofa! It's soooooooo attractive!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
We had neighbors who not only covered all their furniture, they also had plastic runners going through the living room so we wouldn't mess up the carpet. Their house smelled to high heaven of plastic. Yuck. As for OUR house, Mom didn't need to cover her furniture--she just threatened us with "a spanking we'd never forget" if we even got near it. Worked like a charm!
MoonDoggie said…
Yeah - I'd never got this either.
I had an argument with my broter because he wanted to put plastic runners in the RENTED house we shared once.
He didn't even OWN the carpet he was trying to protect. odd.
I think my Mom's house still has that sofa...And you're right about the cedar chest, it's the best for sitting on--I have the one my Mom got back in the 50's or 60's--The thing weighs as much as a piano; they don't make them like that anymore do they?
First BF... Mom was a classic Italian. Plastic covered furniture, gold swag velvet lamps, plastic carpet runners, filament oil drip lamp with a cherub inside and a velvet painted jesus.

BF and I broke up. I could never be the Italian mama he wanted me to be. I wasn't Italian lol...
Lidian said…
But if they sit on the carpet, THAT will wear out! Ban them from the ad, quick!

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