Let’s Not Mince Words


I’d say this gets right to the point.

No more needs to be said.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Thanks Pam @GoRetro!


Retro Keith said…
so... what does this stuff do?
I once read this on a public toilet wall:

There's no need to wipe the seat...

The crabs in here jump 50 feet.

Eartha Kitsch said…
Ha! My god. Blunt, much?
Callie Brady said…
Haven't seen anything like that in the store. Those were the good old days... ha!
Thank you for the early morning smile!
Ah yes those were the days--sexual freedom and Quell lotion and trips to the health dept and shots in the butt and the old arguments over who gave "it" to whom ... Gosh, I'm getting all nostalgic. NOT!
Dolores said…
Makes me itch! But.....thanks for my morning chuckle.
Have a good weekend!
Lidian said…
Ads this blunt
Are rather jolting
And what's more
Are quite revolting!
laura linger said…
I would literally give anything I own to have this on a t-shirt.

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