Mom? Just Say You Don’t Want to Make Dinner, okay?

lunchmeat stirfry

You know your mom has run out of ideas when she whips out the lunchmeat and makes stir-fry.

Only bologna and peas in the fridge?  Solid!  Dinner’s ready!

Seriously, the sauce for this is ONE BOTTLE of Russian dressing and two tablespoons of soy sauce.  YUM!!  And it uses frozen veggies – heck, if you’re using lunchmeat, why use fresh veggies? 

Hmm…how about headcheese and broccoli?  Chopped ham and bell peppers?  Gee, the gut wrenching ideas are endless.

So moms, if you’re tired of thinking of new things for dinner…well, just stop and tell Dad it’s time to go out.  No need to take it out on the family, k?


Callie Brady said…
The really scary part is that I remember reading recipes like this and thinking, wow, I should make this. Eek!
Thank you for the smiles and for the memories! Mom can't stand those recipes that have cream of something in them to thicken them up!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch
Pam said…
I'm guessing this was not a Weight Watchers endorsed recipe.
3 doxies said…
AHAHAHAHA...dis funny.
My mum hates to cook cuz her don't wanna make a mess in hers clean kitchen. Take out is delish.
Her has been in our brand new house fur 4 yrs and da oven has never had to be clean...hehehehehe!
PEES: word verification is torte...hehehehe!

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