A Nice, Sedate Way To Drink


Why have just a nice beer when you can get completely plotzed with a beer and Jagermeister?

Look how demure she looks. Every hair in place.

Ever seen a girl after a night of beer and Jagermeister?  Yeah, they don’t look so composed, do they?  Reminds me of the night I was carried unconscious out of a bar while people slapped my ass and yelled “party animal!!”

Woke up the next morning with the sheet over my face and I thought I was in the morgue.  It was close, but I made it.

Jagermeister.  The Devil’s handiwork!

Bonus Points:  Can you identify the gentleman?


Dolores said…
I've never heard of a Jagermeister, hmmmmmm.... I wonder if i'd like it.

I don't recognize the man....

Cute story....glad you weren't dead...
Unknown said…
We were just talking the other day about how the portrayal of drinking and smoking on TV has changed! Remember the TV show Bewitched? She shoved a drink in Darren's hand as soon as he walked through the door! Is the guy in the pic Corbin Bersen? Of LA Law fame?? I loved that show! If that's him, I bet he wishes he still had that hair!
Chicken Boys said…
Hold on! She's just getting started! Give it another hour or two. Last time I was carried out of a bar, it was in Jackonville, FL. And the drink was Long Island Iced Tea. Everyone was buying me drinks. I didn't pay for a one! What a night! The bushes I fell in were so cool on my face. I didn't want to get up.
3 doxies said…
Oh I be loving some Long Island Ice Tea...YUM!!!!!! Well nows my mum remembers going to bars and nevers having to pay fur nuttin...then her wakes up in da car. Don't worries, no driving.
I seriosly have no idea who dat bee byr Corbin is a good choice.
Anonymous said…
I suppose getting married right out of high school is one good way to stay our of bars. Oh yeah, add 1 baby 9 months later. More or less.
Who needed bars? lol..

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend.
Corbin Bernsen.

And I'll bet you didn't wet your pants 3 times in 1 night:[
I wanted to come and thank you for visiting me.
I am here to say hello, and read your words.
Your bloggie has many feelings it in. Sometimes I smiled, sometimes I thought.
Thank you for making me think
Barbara said…
Dolores: Never? I think it's because you're incredibly good!

Timothy: Correct, and the first Darrin was my favorite!

Chicken Boys: Long Island Ice Teas are the devils work!

Puddles: Never did that, but did do the pass out in the toilet in the bar...

Pam: Marriage and babies will save you from embarrassing drunk moments...Happy 4th!

Lifeinredshoes: You are correct, and I have refused to ask if I wet myself..

Tweedles: I love your words! I'm touched you liked mine!

Happy 4th everyone!
heidi said…
holy crap - just how old IS alicia silverstone? looks like the spitting image of her circa '81

happy 4th, lady!
cathycan said…
Corbin, wonder what he's up to now? Probably getting girls sloshed on Jagermeisters while he nurses a beer!
Sara In AZ said…
Beer and Jager, reminds me of the good old days! Or wait, was that just yesterday? :) Love it!!!

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