Please Help

A fellow blogger Sarah from Mona & The Mommy Too sent out a plea to help a very injured dog they found lying in a parking lot. 


This is Shelby.

Sandra from The Houston Pettie Pack's found this female pit bull in a parking lot of a mall very badly hurt. It appears she had been in a fight and dumped there, probably by whoever was fighting her. She has hardly any hair and many puncture wounds and bites. Sandra is afraid she has lost an eye. She has a huge sore on her hind end. Pictures here… not for the squeamish.

Sarah says “Most of her teeth had either been pulled or sawed down. The doctor agrees with don't take the teeth out of a fighting dog, but you do if you plan on using the dog as bait. We can't prove it, but we all feel that she was bred continuously until she wasn't useful anymore and then used as bait.”

She has many injuries, is heartworm positive and will require a lot of treatment.  The vet is helping by lowing some of his costs. shelby 2 If you can contribute anything at all, please do. 

You can contact Sarah here and she will tell you where to send your donation for Shelby’s vet care.

No animal should have to suffer at the hands of a human. Even if you send a dollar, you will help show an animal that all humans aren’t bad.


Anonymous said…
Poor dog. Its amazing she is remotely mellow with humans. Maybe her gratitude for being abandoned by awful humans and taken in by a good one kicked in.
I'm always so saddened by the cruelty of people and think what a terrible place the world we live in can be--Then when I read stories about the kindness and compassion of people like those who are taking care of this sweet pup, I'm reassured that it isn't all bad...I'm on my way over to make a small donation.
Dolores said…
Nothing is as heartbreaking as to see man's cruelty to animals. I wish the monsters who do this to animals would suffer the fate they put upon these innocent animals.
Thank you for posting's easy not to look at the pictures or ignore the words, but we must step forward and help.....
Pam said…
That is so sad, I have no words for it. I don't understand anyone who abuses animals. Such a person has no soul in my opinion.

It was kind of you to post about her and bring attention...I really hope this poor gal makes a speedy recovery and finds love in her life.
How Sam Sees It said…
We've been by their blog. This is so sickening. The poor dog.

There is a special place in hell for people that abuse animals.
Eartha Kitsch said…
Bless her poor soul. I sometimes wonder if it is a good idea for humans to be stewards of animals. A lot of people are doing horrible, horrible jobs at it. I hope that no matter what happens to this sweet pup, she will get to feel love and compassion for the rest of her life.
Anonymous said…
I knew I shouldn't of read this..... THIS MAKES ME SICK!!! My blood boils in side!!!! DONT have dogs if you are going to mistreat them!! Why can't some people get that!!??!!??!! Gosh that poor dog!!! How is she doing now any updates??

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