Rachel Ray Cookware Review


Remember I said I would be receiving this Rachel Ray "Bubble and Brown" 4.25 Stoneware Oval Casserole from CSN Stores to review?

Guess what?  Review time!!

This casserole dish is great, and I’m not just saying that!  It’s huge – I did make beans in it as promised (but forgot to take pictures) – lima beans and ham hocks to be exact.  I filled it about half full and it fed me for three days and blew me up like a gassy balloon.  Had I filled it all the way, I’d still be eating beans…and probably have enough methane to power a zeppelin…that’s how big it is. 

This would be a great dish to use on Thanksgiving or Christmas, as it would hold enough to feed an army.  Easy to clean too – important since I have no dishwasher (the horror!) – it has a non-sticky type surface.  It’s heavy enough to keep stuff hot too. 

I’m actually going to buy companion pieces to this (psst: CSN, are you listening?  I could use a coupon…), because it worked great AND looks cool.  I highly recommend this casserole dish!!

Still to come:  A review of Neutrogena’s UltraSheer Liquid Daily Sunblock and another giveaway!!


Good to hear, it would make a great gift for....ME!
Barbara said…
That can be arranged!
laura linger said…
Excellent. I am in the process of updating my cookware and I really appreciate this review.

I have a Paula Deen ceramic pot that I bought at Walmart. It is absolutely fantastic and I use it constantly.
McGillicutty said…
Ohhh I may just have to review one of those myself!!!!

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