Rachel Ray Giveaway!

CSN Stores carry thousands and thousands of things besides Rachel Ray - one of my other favorites being

Remember that Rachel Ray Casserole dish I reviewed a while back?  CSN Stores has offered me one to give away to YOU!  

See all the pretty colors?

To enter, leave a comment stating PICK ME and tell me which color casserole you would pick if you win.  Sucking up doesn't hurt either.

Contest ends Thursday night July 22nd at 12 midnight, winner announced Friday, July 23rd.


We think the orange one is the prettiest! Baked macaroni and cheese would taste even more cheesy in orange, don't you think?

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
Sara In AZ said…
Ummmmmm, PICK ME! You are so awesome, you are so awesome, you are so awesome - is that enough sucking up? he he :) I would totally pick the lime green one!
There are so many things you can pick--You pick your friends, you pick your clothes (well, my husband doesn't) you pick what you're having for dinner, you pick the side you're on, you pick what you watch on TV, and you can pick me to win the casserole dish, I think I'd pick the blue one! :-)
Anonymous said…
yellow or orange! I like all the colors really.
Have you tried them out?
How is clean up?
Rebecca said…
Pick Me, Pick Me! I have known you the longest. I knew you way back when... Back when you were the coolest kid in the 6th grade with that red and white pants suit! I love the blue one. ;o)
Anonymous said…
I'm new here! I loooove your little background! As soon as I opened your page it made me smile!

PICK ME!!!!!

And I would pick the orange one!!!
Leslie said…
PICK ME!!!! Please!!!! ")

I love the blue one. I would have to serve my world famous (ok it is only famous at my work) mac and cheese in it.

Jill Smith said…
You TOTALLY rock for having this contest. Really!
(I'd choose the blue one cause most of my other stuff is blue)
Pudyqat2 @ aol.com
Cheryl said…
Pick Me, please. I love that gorgeous green casserole, so that would be my choice.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter my name.

I know my plea is pretty lame, so may I add that I am a dog lover, too!
Golden Samantha said…
Hi Barbara,
We have finally landed here after so long. What a dedicated follower of Sam's blog you are and (of course...) did not know you lived in Sacto. We went to look at a car in Folsom last weekend, and are coming to pick it up Thursday evening after my hubby gets home - but that's not the fun nuze, although part of it! Your blog is very cool - congrats on publishing this year! Would love to have your talent with concierges (although we practically never go anywhere that would have one - if wishes were horses heheh!). Have a good week and stay cool there - it sure does get hot!
Sammie and Avalon and Mom, Miche

And orange, to bad it doesn't come in red;)
Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

And then I'll pick the green one!
MoonDoggie said…
Think I'd have to go the orange one... or maybe the green... no definitely the orange.
LaurenMc said…
PICK ME! Pretty please :)
oooo! I just love the blue one!

I just found your blog and what I have seen is a great mix of cookware, old advertisements, and puppies! (All of which I LOVE!) Awesome, and I am only on the first page. Have a great day :D
Rebecca said…
oh! pick me! i like the green one. :]
capewood said…
Well, to riff on another comment.

You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose but you can't pick your friend's nose. Or you could PICK ME.

I'd go for the green one, it matches my kitchen.
ElennaLouise said…
Pick me! Pleeeeeez? I bow down to your awesomeness for having this contest!
I would love to have the blue one.
elenna {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net
Unknown said…
Oooh Ooh, pick me! I'd love the orange/ red / persimmon one!
Oh hey! Have I mentioned? PICK ME!!!

yellowyellow they call me mellow yellow....
Pick me! Pick me! I love the orange one!!

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