She Smells Like A Toilet


Mary wanted to be different.

She wanted a fragrant companion and constant evidence of her vital presence.

Mary wanted to leave a fragrant trail to remind people she was there and may be back again.

Mary wanted Toilet Essence.  She wanted it everywhere. 

Sure, they called it classic “Tweed” or witty “Repartee”, but every who knew Mary knew.  It was Toilet.  Essence of Toilet.  They whispered about the Tid-e Bowl man.  It was sordid.


laura linger said…
And then Lentheric came out with its companion cologne, just for men: Shitter Pour Homme.

You post the funniest things!
She knew she'd found religion when she overheard someone say they'd been praying to the porcelain god earlier that morning after a night of debauchery. And then when she learned she could SMELL like a porcelain goddess, why, she shivered with ectasy.

Babs, you inspire me. You are my sister and I love you.
Sara In AZ said…
Oh My! Yes, we all want to smell like a toilet don't we! :)
Mimi said…
Best line EVER: A reminder that you were there...and may come back again. LMAO!
Chicken Boys said…
I think I know her. LOL!
Taffy said…
And all for only $2.50....what a bargain!

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