A Typical Lazy Sunday

As you can see, Minnie is fitting in nicely, even if Trixie still would prefer to be an “only”.

minnie trixie sofa

She’s doubled in length, but not in height.  She plays like a banshee and sleeps on the bed with us.

Seriously, isn’t this a cute face? She’s doing her Elvis impersonation.








Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I cleaned the garage and went to the dump twice.

We start another week tomorrow.  Where does the time go?


Retro Keith said…
haha she fits under the sofa!
laura linger said…
Look at that mug. She'll get away with murder with a face like that!

Dolores said…
I wish I'd get motivated to clean our garage. Sounds like you had a successful weekend.

Minnie is so cute, it looks like your girls have a great life.

Barbara, I've just finished reading your beautiful post about your brother on your other site....A beautiful tribute to your brother!
Pam said…
Oh, she's so cute!

Love your couch - especially the color.
Sara In AZ said…
Awww, she is really cute! And, your couch is super FAB - I meant to comment on that before. Where does the time go? When you figure it out please let me know!
Aren't they funny? Such personality!

Hey! did you get rid of any good stuff?
Barbara said…
Life in red shoes; Nope, this stuff was purely garbage!! If it's thriftable, I give it away or sell it!!
Hey Barbera,
Hope all is well, My aprons vary- the layered one is $19.99 but they all kind of vary- depending on style-amount of work..
Cute Blog, thanks for visitng my blog..
a new follower or yours.
Your little girl certainly is a cutie!! I'm glad she's doing well, and yes, you were right when you said on my blog that it is hard to be or stay upset with them--But nothing is ever the same or even sacred with them around!! This is why it's a good thing that puppies are so cute and sweet!!

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