When Men Weren’t Masculine



Imagine Mary’s shock when she found out in 1979 that the man she married in 1938 didn’t really like girls.

Was her gaydar really that off?

Marvin loved his tea and banana bread almost as much as he loved Mary’s lipstick and eyebrow pencil.

Why do I hear Paul Lynde’s voice every time I look at this ad?


Pam said…
Ha ha, that cracked me up. The male model in that ad reminds me of Liberace.
I guess "dapper" has more than one meaning? lol...
laura linger said…

Water all over my keyboard. Poor Mary. Well, at least she always had someone to advise her on her best lipstick shades and someone who didn't mind dressing up for dinner parties...even if he did have this distressing habit of slipping bits of paper into the bartender's pocket with a sly whisper in front of all of their friends.

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