Glass Head


Tired of your hair?  Try fiberglass.

Tinted to match your eyes or “costume”, you too can be a trendsetter in your neighborhood.

Adapted for evening use or various “special functions”, you can wrap a band around your head and set the world on fire with your spun glass head!

Yes, you too can have “charming effects” on your dates, friends and all those bitches at the ball.  Don’t forget to kill the nearest thing to you and wrap that around yourself as well.  I mean, you’ll already be sweating buckets with a fiberglass noose on your head, so why not swaddle yourself in fur and GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT. 

You’re just out for the rich guy anyway, right?

I’m tired of having a bad day after a bad day. I fear the light at the end of the tunnel is a train.  Sigh.


Dolores said…
oh my.... this brought back the memories of the little ole ladies with the foxes wrapped around their necks. As a child..... this scared me to death..... well..... actually, it would scare me today too!
Dad used to put spun glass angel hair on the Christmas tree when we were kids, with the EXPLICIT WARNING not to touch it or we would cut our fingers to shreds.

Imagine her date grabbing that hair in a fit of passion and watching as his hand bled out lol...

Are ya having a bad day Barbara, or is that part of yer post? lol... Hey you know cyber (((hugs))) cure everything, right? =D

OK, now you can slap me. ar-ar...

Sorry if you are having bad days, I'm have a few bad years myself. =/ Gonna hop that train and ride it out of town.
Hey, just be glad that you have your own pretty blonde hair and don't have to wear glass on your head. That could NOT have felt good when you got a strand stuck on your eyeball. BARBARA! Be happy! I command you, and you have to obey me because I'm the Queen of ChristineLand. Smile! You're too funny to be sad, my friend.
cathycan said…
"Darling, your hair is the exact shade of the insulation in the cellar... oh, wait, that IS the insulation in the cellar."
Jim said…
Some people will do anything to get 'their man', I guess.
Frank and Cathy got the pretty pottery loaf pan at William-sonoma.
The quick bread dumped out beautifully!
Eartha Kitsch said…

I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling down. I hope that things look up soon. If I can do anything to help, you just holler.

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