Gravel Art – Offered to You First

Everyone has been talking about gravel art lately and how it’s gotten really expensive.  I found these today at the antiques show and wanted to offer them to my blog friends for sale before I listed them on ebay or etsy.  Just email me an offer (and tell me which one). 

PS: I got these SUPER cheap, so really, no offer would be that low! 

three grave

There’s a peacock:

peacock 1

peacock 2

A crane (?)

crane 1 crane 2 

And what appear to be very fancy roosters (this one hangs sideways and has no frame.

rooster 1  rooster 2

All of the backgrounds are a little dirty, and the rooster one has issues with the burlap background.  Email me with any questions, I can send different pictures if you wish.

These will be available until Tuesday, and then I’m listing them.


Sara In AZ said…
Wow! What awesome finds!!! I totally have that Peacock/birds one already or I would be all over this!
you got some interesting finds.
i am going to look on ebay for one of those sock monkey beds.
its the latest thing for pugs,, (is to have one of them)
tee hee hee
Dolores said…
You found some pretty and interesting finds in the gravel pictures...... I remember them from many moons ago. Never had one ...
Have a good day
Barbara said…
Sara: It appears that everyone has these - an MCM rite of passage I guess. I may keep the birds after all..

Tweedles: A sock monkey bed? Must look that one up, sounds wonderful!

Dolores: I find them very neat! I'm sure I did one as a kid - would have held onto it if I had known then what I know now!!
I have those Oriental man & woman ones (picture on my blog) coming so right now I'm graveled-arted-up. I think you should keep them as they're really cool, especially the roosters. Remember, if you run across a flamingo gravel art pic, Darlene wants one BAD! And if you come across two of those, I'll take the other one!!!!!
Uncle Atom said…
You're right, I've seen a bunch of references lately to gravel art. Nice find!
Keep them!

C'mon, who wouldn't want some fighting cocks on their wall? What a source for smirks and jokes lolol... But then again, I'm strange that way.

I think I am the only person who has talked about gravel art (my predictions are coming true according to eBay auctions I see), but does not have any yet. I think I missed my chance to grab one while they were still affordable.

And I think I sold all my paint by numbers back when times were a bit tight. Saw a wonderful pair on eBay months ago I really wanted, but of COURSE those, you know, the one's I wanted? Sold for mega bucks. And they were Fall landscapes, not some flamingo or Hawaiian ones boooo =(
Barbara said…
1950s: I still have them and haven't listed them yet. Do you want one?
Anonymous said…
Barbara, I come to you via a REALLY good egg named Miss Atomic Ranch House. I see that you are selling that Peacock gravel art pic. What if I told you I love it, but I am broke until the 26th?

I'm (Darlene is my name) and I am sincerely interested in that gorgeous peacock.
Trying to think of what to quote you... Please feel free to quote me and we can maybe go from there?

Hi and so pleased to meet you!

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