Minnie’s on Drugs

Boy, this was not a great vet.  Minnie is stooooooooooned.

drugs man

I was given a spay voucher and recommendation from the Sacramento Animal Coalition and boy, this doc was weird.

I asked him what he thought she was and he said “I didn’t look at her, I just spayed her”.  I had to fight for pain meds to take home. 

You saw the pics when I found her – a little puppy.  The vet said “she’s about a year old”.  I told him that no, she wasn’t and he said “well, it’s hard to tell”.

Suffice it to say that I won’t be using nor recommending this guy.  I have not been able to find a caring vet here in town – they all are after money.  Everything is extra, everything needs many tests, etc.  I miss L.A. when I need a vet – I had a stellar vet there.

Anyway, Min is recovering slowly and is now wandering around the back yard.  She’s already trying to annoy Trixie, so I take that as a good sign.

Thanks for your thoughts and good wishes.


Dolores said…
I'm glad this is behind you and Minnie, and that she is slowly recovering.
What a vet! That was such a tacky remark, that he didn't look at her, only spayed her....... real caring guy..... yuck!

You need to come to Seguin.... we have the most wonderful vets here.....I love the one we use, but there's several others that are just as good and caring.
Take care of you and Minnie
Lots of AireZen is coming your way, Minnie!
You deserve the best!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch
svelteSTUFF said…
GLAD she is doing fine!!!
Holly said…
I love your blog, your vintage ads and your great commentary! Hope Minnie feels better soon! Took my pup to the vet for an ear infection yesterday and it was over $100! Keep searching for the right vet...there are good ones out there who care!
3 doxies said…
You hads your inside rip...er, I mean you was spayed I see. You'll be back to your old self soon. I was my old self da next day.
Now, bout dis VET...we has da best vet in da world and they is also da cheapest around...go figure. Mum says when they does them surgeries it's like a conveyor belt...run 'em in and run 'em out, that's all da vets there fur when it comes to vouchers. Or in our town anyway.
Well, duh...can't he look at her teef and approximate her age? I even know dat.
When Brudder Albert had his back surgery he was stoooooned to da moon and back. They put a phentanyl patch on him...slept fur 3 days.

Barbara said…
Thanks for the good thoughts everyone!

Puddles, this doctor looked at her teeth! I don't think he knows how to read them!

Minnie is starting to be herself again; I'm sure by tomorrow she'll be running like the wind again.
awww hun, don't I know about poor to bad vets! So sorry you have to deal with this! I'm not 100% convinced my vet is completely competent... But sometimes, we have to deal with who is available. I've tried other vets only to discover, they were worse! Sucks!

Hope your friend is up and going in no time!
oh my gosh
Sara In AZ said…
Poor Minie. Glad she is doing a bit better now! Sending 'good' puppy thoughts your way.
Chicken Boys said…
I know what you mean. I need a good vet and a good human doc and a good dentist. I hate to try someone new. I absolutely hate it!
awww I hope Minnie is back to herself in no time! Poor baby. Sorry you both had to go through that.
stopping by to let you know I'm featuring your blog tomorrow in my regular feature Featured Followers Friday
Maybe when the vet got castrated his doctor was distracted,too. Just because you ARE a dick doesn't mean you have one!
Oh my goodness.... I hope Minnie is doing better!
You seem very caring and I am sure she is very lucky!
Have a wonderful afternoon~
Taffy said…
Glad to see Minnie pulled through just fine. I was pretty stoned after I had my teefers cleaned a while back. I don't remember if you followed me then but Mom put some photos of me up. I bet Minnie is gonna appreciate that pic you put on here as much as I did.
Eartha Kitsch said…
Um, that vet SUCKS.

"I didn’t look at her, I just spayed her." - That comment seriously freaks me out.

I hope that she's recovered nicely!
Jacki said…
Aw, poor Minnie. I hope she's back to her old self. I consider myself blessed with our regular vets, but occasionally we have to go to "emergency" and the vets there are terrible. Uncaring and uninterested. Yet somehow they always make *me* feel incompetent. I don't understand why they get into that field. Argh.

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